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Earn While You Learn!

EARN WHILE YOU LEARN is a program designed to provide students with an opportunity to learn and develop a positive work ethic and employment skills through a series of project-based workshops that lead to paid and unpaid internships within the program and school community.

A maximum of 15 male students in Grades 7-8 from Icahn Charter School 7’s Future Leaders Club (Bronx Chapter) will participate.

The official start date of the EARN WHILE YOU LEARN program is TBD

To prepare students to enter the world of work armed with the skills, experience and knowledge they will need to compete for jobs in a global economy.

⦁ Students will learn how to use Xposure’s 6C’s (Commitment, Compromise, Courtesy, Control, Choices, Communication) to successfully navigate situations at school, work and home.
⦁ Students will understand that a resume shows, who they are, what they done and what they can do.
⦁ Students will be able to articulate the differences between a job and career, personal qualities, job skills and accomplishments.
⦁ Students will create their very own cover letter, written and video resume.
⦁ Students will be able to identify and model acceptable employment social norms such as making eye contact, speaking in a clear and concise manner, being courteous, etc.
⦁ Students will learn, practice and develop interviewing skills, which will be used when they interview for prospective paid/unpaid internships within the program and school.

NOTE: The experiences and social interactions gained through EWYL will help students build meaningful relationships and learn to interact with people other than their friends and peers.