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About Us

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XMott Hall is dedicated to Xposing our interns to the world of finance and work ethic by creating jobs throughout programming.  Our mission is to ensure that all interns are building necessary life skills that will level the playing field and prepare them for everyday life.


If you're a candidate, please follow the steps below.

Go to the JOBS page, select your desired job and wait for the popup, click on Enroll Now

Input your details, when you get to the email field, If you’re a candidate, type in a unique email to yourself with EWYL domain link. e.g. timdgreat@earnwhile youlearn.nyc As an email will be generated for you automatically during registration

After successful registration, you’ll be at your dashboard, please make sure to click on Manage Emails tab on the left, and reset your password using the form, please make sure to input a different password, not the same you used to register

Once you change your password, please wait 1-40 minutes for your email to be created, then you can access the email with “Access Webmail” link